Ambassador of the Russian Environmental Society in Japan: Tokyo Olympics is the most ecological in history

Ambassador of the Russian Environmental Society in Japan: Tokyo Olympics is the most ecological in history
Ambassador of the Russian Ecological Society in Japan, world-famous athlete Olesya Kovalenko shared her opinion on the relationship between sports and ecology and assessed the environmental friendliness of the Tokyo Olympics. 

In her opinion, ecology and sport are increasingly complementary to each other. The center of the environmental and sports sphere is an active person who leads a healthy and environmentally responsible lifestyle. Responsibility for oneself and the environment is among the key components of the success of a modern person. At the same time, environmental responsibility is now the standard for organizers of sports events and international sports organizations. The International Olympic Committee and the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics are demonstrating environmental leadership today. 

Olesya Kovalenko assesses the Tokyo Olympics as the most environmentally friendly in history. There is a reason for it. Here are some facts. 

The Olympic village was built for the participants of the games and fans. Electric cars and cars with a minimum level of environmental pollution are used to move along it. During the awarding ceremony, athletes stand on special pedestals, podiums, which are made of recycled plastic. The Olympic Torch is made of recycled aluminum. 

18 thousand beds in the athletes ‘ rooms are made of cardboard, not wood. Medals for prizewinners are made from recycled precious metals from smartphones. 

Only renewable energy sources are used at the games. They provide electricity to the Olympic village and the entire sports infrastructure. 

The famous athlete calls on her famous colleagues to assist in promoting environmental values. 

“It is necessary to involve young people in nature protection activities, thus forming a fashion for an environmentally responsible lifestyle,” – the ambassador of the Russian Ecological Society emphasizes. 

Olesya Kovalenko is a two-time European judo champion, nine-time world champion, twenty-three-time European champion, and fourteen-time Russian sumo champion. 

Photo from the personal archive of Olesya Kovalenko

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