The council member of the Russian Ecological Society, deputy chairman of the russian diplomats association A.G. Baklanov took part in the international online presentation of the collective monograph on water resources issues

On June 22, 2021, an international online presentation of the English version of the collective monograph published in Geneva “Water Drama in the Context of Global Transformations” was held.

The publication was attended by leading world experts on water resources, including Director General of the Geneva Water Hub Francois Munger, former president of Slovenia, Chairman of the Global  High-Level Panel on Water and Peace Danilo Turk, Director General of the International Association of Lake Regions Alexander Timchenko, deputy of the Russian Federation State Duma (Parliament), UNEP National Goodwill Ambassador Vyacheslav Fetisov and other politicians and experts who shared the main ideas of the project at the event.

The discussion was moderated by the Swiss Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Joerg Lauber.

The presentation began with a High-level Session, during which the participants were addressed by one of the authors – The Russian Ecological Society Council member, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Diplomats Association, Professor, Head of the Middle East and North Africa Studies Section of the National Research University Higher School of Economics A. G. Baklanov.

The speech of A. G. Baklanov is attached.

“Dear colleagues,

Firstly I would like to thank the organizers for inviting me to this important meeting.

“Water Drama in the Context of Global Transformations” was published in the acute moment and deserves high appreciation.

It makes a real contribution to the formation of well-balanced and effective international platform for coordinating the international expert community actions in water resources management and water diplomacy.

Interest in water issues is growing rapidly in Russia, both at the political and public level.

The Russian Diplomats Association is particularly interested in the multidimensional concept presented by Dr. Danilo Türk and François Münger, as well as Dr. Mara Tignino, where the key importance has multilateral formats of joint actions.

Big Water Ideas are in line with the Russian specialists approaches. We would be pleased and ready to expand our cooperation with the Geneva Water Hub on enhancing a decentralized regional and global network of experts on water and peace issues, as well as on regional water issues for the Middle East region, including activities to re-establish an international working group on water resources and ecology. The Blue Peace Initiative, The Blue Foundation initiative and EcoPeace organization in the Middle East could contribute to this cooperation.

In November 2021, we plan to hold a Strategic Session on the development of a dialogue on water resources in the Middle East at the Higher School of Economics together with the Russian Ecological Society. We would be glad to see the participants of today’s discussion on this brainstorming platform and will send you appropriate invitations.

Another project that may interest you is the preparation by Russian ecologists of an international Catalog “Methods and Technologies for Wastewater treatment” (Green Book) for the Middle East and Africa region countries. We also invite all Geneva Water Hub friends to participate in the project “the best solutions for fresh water supply in the Middle East region” among the Russian and foreign universities students.

I would also like to inform you that a group for water issues advanced research has been created at the Higher School of Economics. This group has prepared a “Workbook” on Middle East water problems and possible integration of the Russian Federation and regional countries efforts in this direction. The proposals contained in the “Workbook” will be reported to the of the Russian Federation President Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation M. L. Bogdanov.

In conclusion, I would like to note that clean water and sustainable peace, which we leave to future generations, should be our cooperation main goal. Therefore, we see a good potential in the diplomacy development and close cooperation with the Geneva Water Hub and the Youth Parliament for Water.

I wish the Geneva Water Hub and the International Association of Lake Regions further success in their fruitful cooperation. We are looking forward to working with you and would appreciate any comments our proposals from the participants of today’s meeting.

Thank you for you kind attention”